Canada’s magnificent forests, grasslands, oceans and wetlands are being damaged or worse by poorly considered industrial, agricultural and residential development. As a result, 50 percent of our wildlife species are in decline.

We have a once in generation opportunity to turn that around, and you can help by adding your voice in a letter to Canada’s Prime Minister.

Our national and provincial governments have committed internationally to protect 17 percent of Canada’s land and inland waters, and 10 percent of Canada’s ocean by 2020. So far, only ten percent of Canada’s land and inland water and less than one percent of our ocean is legally protected.

Now dozens of groups and thousands of Canadians are coming together to ensure our governments keep their promise to establish more protected places in areas such as the South Okanagan of British Columbia, the grasslands of southern Saskatchewan, the shores of eastern Lake Ontario, and more.

Protection must include Indigenous knowledge, and the full participation of First Nations. Join the growing movement to ensure our natural heritage stays strong for generations to come.

Send the letter below to Canada’s Prime Minister and your local MP asking them to keep the protection promise.

Right Honourable
Parliament of Canada

I hereby petition Canada’s federal and provincial governments to keep the promise to protect at least 17 per cent of Canada’s land and inland waters, and 10 per cent of Canada’s ocean by 2020. One-half of wildlife species in Canada are in decline. We can and must turn that around by creating action plans to protect more habitat. Please work with the best science and with Indigenous knowledge to establish and manage more protected areas. There is no time to waste.

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