It is our shared responsibility to care for the natural world and protect it so that future generations can experience the natural wonders that New Brunswick has to offer. 95% of New Brunswick is currently unprotected and open to exploitation that could harm wildlife and damage the natural beauty of our province. During the unknown political structure in New Brunswick following the fall elections, we need to encourage all New Brunswick political party leaders and newly elected MLA’s for the government to prioritize land conservation, we need to lend our voices to the cause and give our leaders a reason to invest time and energy to conserving the natural places that we love. We are calling on the party leaders and local government representatives to set provincial targets and develop an action plan in New Brunswick to achieve these goals. Together, we can ensure that our province continues to prosper with a healthy environment, healthy people, and a healthy economy. 

Encourage the current political party leaders and your local MLA to show their support for land conservation efforts in New Brunswick.

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To learn more about what you can do to support land conservation, download the Conserve Our NB toolkit, created by the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.

To gather signatures from friends and family to pledge their support for land conservation in New Brunswick, please use our Pledge From